Sunday, January 20, 2013

Attack of the Killer Podcast 007: The Most Disturbing Films

This episode requires many warning labels.
Warning: this episode discusses in gory detail the most disturbing movies ever made.
Warning: this episode contains many spoilers about several of these films.
Warning: this episode may disturb you, it may offend you, it may even shock you. Just keep repeating, it’s only a podcast. It’s only a podcast. It’s only a podcast. So if you are weak of heart, easily offended, or deaf, you may not want to listen to this episode.


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  1. RE: Funny Games. I've seen the American version and enough of the original to see that they're the exact same movie. It seems to have been made with a certain level of contempt for horror audiences. It sets things up in such a way that the audience expects (and even craves) graphic violent relief and then purposely refuses to show it to you, and you're left to ponder "Why did I want to see that so badly?" I didn't like it all that much right when it was over, but that night I had a nightmare that the two kids from the movie were trying to kill me. I think a lot of the film experience takes place after the viewing itself is over.