Sunday, April 7, 2013

Attack of the Killer Podcast 022: Video Stores

It's field trip time boys and girls. Today we are going to "The Museum of Extremely Old and Forgotten Shit". You may notice the newest exhibit with many artifacts such as the sign saying "Please be kind and rewind.", the video drop box, and the VCR/picture tube TV playing the hottest "new releases". These items are from what was called "the video store". In ancient times (10 plus years ago) there were these buildings that people would leave their homes to go to and "rent" what were called video cassettes.

This episode of Attack of the Killer Podcast the group will reflect on times from their childhood and going to their favorite video stores. Enjoy the stores of their video store experiences. Also they look into why these stores faded away.

This is also a very special episode as all the Attackers are recording in the same room with their official full time addition, Dustin Neill.

So sit back, pop some popcorn, adjust the tracking and enjoy. Just make sure you pay your late fees.


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  1. Thanks for this episode! So many memories. My younger twin sisters and I had so many nights like the ones you describe, bringing home armloads of $1 VHS rentals and seeing some of the craziest shit along with some enduring gems. Boarding House, one about an old evil Druid named Goza who gets sentenced to walk the earth for eternity eating human flesh (the name escapes me), a really good VHS release I've never seen on DVD called Freak where an escaped mental patient walks around with his face bandaged up like the invisible man. My main-squeeze video store as a kid was Stars and Stripes, and later it was Video Update. Takes me back...