Thursday, May 2, 2013

Attack of the Killer Podcast 024: Demons/Possession

Little girls with spinning heads, spitting up pea soup. Naked women shoving lipstick into their boobs. Men riding motorcycles in movie theaters swinging swords. Sounds like a typical Saturday night, but to horror fans those are moments from our favorite possession movies. This episode AotKP continues their discussion of demon and possession films. From being possessed by the devil to cars and trucks with minds of their own, the attackers exorcise their own demons. Oh yeah and we also discuss Toxic Avenger 4. What made us discuss that movie? I don't know. Maybe it was Satan.



  1. I still can't believe you guys drank so much! I think this is the funniest episode we've ever done! :) -Jason

  2. Listened to the "Possessed" episode yesterday, went to buy groceries this morning and on the radiator by the entrance of our apartment building is a stack of books, that someone put there for people to take. Guess which book lies on top of the stack? Stephen King's "Christine". And next is "Truck" by some Katherine Dunn. I picked up "Christine" and will re-watch "Maximum Overdrive" tonight.
    Awesome episode, thanks!!! Made me laugh a lot. However, you guys are really obsessed with "Evil Dead"... ;-)
    Looking forward to the next episode.
    PS: Oh, yeah that movie Häxan is available on Netflix. "Haxan: Witchcraft through the ages" from 1922, check it out!!

  3. I'm still listening at the 4 hour and 10 minute mark. - Joe's Brother

  4. maybe my file was corrupt, but mine cut out shortly after the 3-hour mark. It wasn't until recently that I kept watching Demons through the credits and discovered the added surprise. For a long time I preferred Demons 2, and still might.