Thursday, July 25, 2013

Attack of the Killer Podcast 030: Sharknado

In a summer full of massive budget studio tentpole pictures like Lone Ranger and Pacific Rim, there is a legitimate blockbuster on the lips of people of all walks of life. Multi-million dollar advertising campaigns pale in the tall shadow of a towering, whirling, chomping sensation called Sharknado. Yes, this summer's biggest hit is a modestly budgeted defiantly entertaining disaster and shark film mashup from The Asylum, and which premiered on the Syfy network. The response was unexpected. A cultural phenomenon was born. And we are here to talk all about it.

Oh, and Justin was in it.

Sharknado on Attack of the Killer Podcast!

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  1. you guys see Sharknado featured on the massively popular "How Did This Get Made?" they were loving the Sharknado

  2. Big Sharknado mentions on Howard Stern show on July 15th. Howard waxed lyrical about the crazy premise, buzz and reception going around