Thursday, August 22, 2013

Attack of the Killer Podcast 032: George A. Romero Part 2

Zombies, crazed monkeys, and Poe, oh my! Since the Attackers couldn't fit so many amazing films into one episode, it's time for part 2 of their George A. Romero tribute. From Monkey Shines to Survival of the Dead, the Attackers dig deep into the second half of Romero's career. Covering his time working for a studio to going back to his indie roots. You wanted more Romero? Well, you had the answer all along. Just click your heels together and say, "there's no director like Romero. There's no director like Romero. There's no director like Romero.

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  1. Small pedantic correction: D. Hop was not the first guy to say "zombie" in a Romero Dead film. In Dawn when the bikers break into the mall and Flyboy wants to defend it, Peter tells him something like "Within an hour there'll be a hundred zombies in here..."