Friday, January 17, 2014

Attack of the Killer Podcast 043: Creepy Kids

Ah, children.  Those innocent little creatures which we so lovingly welcome into this world.  Looking into their eyes, we glimpse at our future...or our DEMISE! Creepy kids have been a staple in horror films for as long as we can remember.  Listen in as the Attackers discuss which little bundles of terror have stuck with them through the years.

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  1. You ever thought about doing a live maybe call in show? I know I always find myself wanting to argue or discuss stuff. Like I'm so over the found footage flicks.

  2. You guys should do a last one left episode. Invasion of the body snatchers(remake of course) ,omega man or even wiker man. You know, everyone out to get you no where to run. Love the show. George Romero is overrated. Weasel