Thursday, March 20, 2014

Attack of the Killer Podcast 047: Found Footage

On this episode of Attack of the Killer Podcast, we will be recording the episode ON VIDEO!  That's right.  You get to see our beautiful mugs as we discuss.....wait.  Did you guys hear that?  I think there's something out there.  **raucous noise**  Oh fuck!  What was that, you guys?  Fuck it. Someone grab that camera and film us as we run away from whatever potentially life-threatening thing is making that noise.

(News Reporter) A video showing the last known hours of the Attack of the Killer Podcast crew has surfaced.  I warn you: the content is not only disturbing, but due to the nature of the film, the video is quite shaky and may cause motion sickness to those who are prone. Bear witness as these brave horror fans run for their lives....while still finding the time to record a podcast about found footage horror movies.

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  1. Hi, guys, I love your show! Been listening for a while and I decided I needed to start giving a little feedback:
    Love that you guys stick up for Blair Witch Project…It has so many detractors, but I love it!
    The Bay is awesome and streaming on Netflix!
    I love all the REC movies. REC 3 is very different from the first two, but still a must see!
    Devil’s Pass…yeah, it totally jumps genre’s almost, it’s like two different movies…character’s decisions don’t make a lot of sense, but I was intrigued to follow it all the way thru…it would have made a great hour episode.
    And I thought I was the only one that liked Diary of the Dead. Way better than Survival of the Dead.