Friday, November 28, 2014

Attack of the Killer Podcast 065: Return of the Living Dead (1985) Commentary

Braaaaains! BRRRRRAAAAAIIINNNNNSSSS! This film has zombies, Nazis and jam boxes! It even has a naked Linnea Quigley...ya know...if that's something you're into. Listen in and watch along with us as the podcast crew does a commentary track for The Return of the Living Dead (1985).

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1 comment:

  1. First I have to say im tired of hearing somebody go piss every episode... seriously, how has no one else called this out.... its clear as shit, somebody is passing every episode these days... now that thats done..... Mike, a little confused how you dont seem to understand why only trash comes back as a zombie. .. it makes it perfectly clear threw out the movie. Nobody else comes back who's bitten cause the bites alone dont do it. She is killed by the zombies in the graveyard and the rain brings her back cause the rain was caused by the burning of the first zombie, thats what brings all the zombies back in the graveyard. When it starts raining from the smoke of the burning. Thats why suicide doesn't come back, hes dead inside.. no rain, if it wasn't for the rain, trash would just be dead outside. Even in the end when the army people are talking about the fires that the rain will put ut out then you see it start all over again cause of the rain.... whoever is pissing, please go to the bathroom before you start or mute it.