Thursday, April 26, 2018

Attack of the Killer Podcast 155: Horror Comic Book Movies LIVE!

Alive! Surging up from the depths of Iowa on a tidal wave of terror to wreak vengeance on mankind. Podcasting beasts stalking the earth, crushing all before them in a psychotic cavalcade of electrifying horror! Raging through Des Moines on a rampage of total destruction! Attack of the Killer Podcast Live! Incredible titans of terror! Jet planes cannot destroy them. Is this the end of our civilization? Can the scientists of the world find a way to stop Attack of the Killer Podcast Live? For the answer, come to the show, Saturday, April 21, from 6 - 8pm at Capes Kafe! You may wish to deny it, but your eyes tell you it’s true! Fantastic beyond comprehension, gripping beyond compare, astounding beyond belief! A show to stun the’s Attack of the Killer Podcast Live!

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